Adriana Guillen
Age 26
Hometown New York City, NY
Occupation College Admissions Rep.
Place 18th
Challenges Won Unknown
Adriana Guillen was a contestant on the fourth season of MasterChef.


Adriana presented her dish on the first day of auditions: a prickly pear cactus soup with dried shrimp croutons, a dish inspired by her childhood in Mexico. All the judges like the soup, although Joe and Gordon how she will hold up in the fierce competiton. Gordon gives a no, but Joe decides to go along with Graham's choice to give Adriana an apron.

Adriana was successful in the lamb challenge, being the first cook shown to be declared on the safe side. Neither of her dishes in the first Mystery Box or Elimination Test were shown.

For the first team challenge, Adriana was placed on the blue team with Jordan. Being on the losing team, she was put through the Pressure Test. For the first Pressure Test, the six contestants competing were instructed to make a cheesecake with a topping of their choice.

Adriana was the last to serve her dish, a mango guava cheesecake with coconut. While the judges appreciate the creativity, the guava paste added an odd flavor, the crust was sandy, and the topping had no relevance to the cake itself. Adriana was in the bottom two with Savannah, the latter was declared safe with Adriana's elimination, resulting from her choice to use the guava paste.

Adriana returned with the other contestants to watch the final two compete in the finale.



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