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Jonny Blanchard
Age 28
Hometown Marlborough, MA
Occupation Carpenter
Place 12th
Challenges Won Unknown

Jonny Blanchard was a contestant in the fourth season of MasterChef.


Jonny was the final cook out of the 100 selected to audition, presenting lobster cracker jacks. Much to the judges absolute shock, the dish was absolutely delicious, and Jonny get's three yes's, making him the final chef to receive an apron.

In the first challenge of the competition, Jonny was one of the eight cooks that the judges were unsure about progressing into the MasterChef kitchen. His lamb dish was lamb rangoons with a tzatziki coleslaw. After tasting his dish, Jonny was selected to enter into the kitchen.

Jonny's first Mystery Box dish was not shown completely, but he did make chocolate mashed potatoes, which Gordon considered disastrous. His dish was not selected in the Top 3. Jonny's langoustine dish was not seen.

Jonny is selected to be on Jordan's team for the first Team Challenge. For losing the team challenge, Jonny  has to participate in the Pressure Test, where all the chefs competing are required to make a cheesecake. Jonny ended up making a pineapple foster cheesecake with toasted coconut and a raspberry blood orange whipped cream. Pineapple, being very fibrous, was not a proper choice to put on top of a cheesecake, and the crust was too thick. However, Jonny nailed the filling, making his cheesecake the best of the worst and saving him from elimination.



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