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Jordan Roots
Age 29
Hometown Minneapolis, MN
Occupation Delivery Driver
Place 7th
Challenges Won Unknown

Jordan Roots is a contestant in the fourth seeason of MasterChef from Minneapolis, MN.


Jordan got his apron on the first day of auditions with his ancho chili tostada and cilantro mint aioli. The judges give him three yes's for what they consider one of the best opening dishes ever made in the history of MasterChef. Joe tells Jordan that he is the one to watch. Jordan makes it past the lamb challenge and into the MasterChef kitchen without much challenge.

Jordan's dish for the first mystery box was a seasoned potato purée with sun-dried tomatoes, mole sauce, and a spicy bacon sauce. His dish was not selected to be in the Top 3. For the elimination test, he correctly predicted that Natasha would not choose him, Jessie, or Lynn. Jordan re-established himself in the MasterChef kitchen in the Elimination Test, creating a deconstructed Langoustine bisque with bacon and fresh vegetables that was second only to Jessie's dish.

For creating one of the best dishes in the elimination test, Jordan was made a Team Captain in the first team challenge. He selected Savannah, James, Eddie, Jonny, Krissi, Adriana, Howard, and Kathy for his time. For the children's lunches, he quickly decided on pasta with marinara sauce, turkey meatballs, green bean salad, and an apple crisp for dessert. After realizing he would need 600 meatballs in order to feed the 300 students, he changed the plan halfway through to a turkey meat sauce. His team ended up losing, gaining only 42% of the vote. He was given the option of choosing three of his team mates to save from the Pressure Test. He chose Howard, whom he felt contributed well in the Team Challenge and was also someone he could beat later on, James, whom he didn't want to face in a Pressure Test, and finally himself. Krissi quickly called him out for not going down with the ship, but he argued that he wasn't the captain of a ship.

Jordan's dish for the Japanese Mystery Box was not in the top 3. Like the rest of the competitors, he was assigned to make cupcakes for the elimination test. Luca used his third advantage for winning the Mystery Box on Jordan, removing his blender as punishment for saving himself in the Team Challenge. Jordan comes up with simple Vanilla cupcakes with mascarpone frosting and chocolate truffles. Luca was the first to try Jordan's cupcakes, and the first to declare that Jordan was safe.



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