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Krissi was the final chef on the first day of auditions. She prepared a Florentine style meatloaf with a fontina cheese sauce, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Before the judges gave their votes, they asked her to bring her son Mikey in. In front of her son, Krissi was given three yes's, and Mikey put Krissi's apron on her.

Making it to the MasterChef kitchen without much trouble, Krissi made it into the Top 3 in the first mystery box challenge, with her bacon potato frittata and tomato basil salad. She is one of three home cooks to make frittata's, but her frittata is as good as Joe's mother's. Already having friction with Natasha, Krissi was disappointed to see the former win the Mystery Box. Krissi was targeted by Natasha with the choice of langoustine for the elimination test, which completely backfired. Much to Natasha's shock, Krissi's langoustine mac n' cheese got great reviews from the judges. 

Krissi was chosen by Jordan for the first team challenge. She made the marinara sauce for the Blue Team's pasta dish, and served plates once the students came.