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Natasha Crnjac
Age 26
Hometown San Diego, CA
Occupation Stay-at-Home Mom
Place 2nd
Challenges Won 13

Natasha Crnjac is a homemaker from San Diego and a contestant in the fourth season of MasterChef.


Natasha was the first chef to present her dish in the auditions. Her Dos Empanadas with Skirt Steak and Chimichurri receive three yes's. Natasha's dish in the lamb challenge proved her worthy to enter the MasterChef kitchen.

For the first Mystery Box challenge, Natasha made a lemon pie tart with a bacon chocolate ganache and a meringue. Her dish was something that could be bought at a three star restaurant, and she is declared the first Mystery Box challenge winner. She gains three advantages, immunity, deciding the ingredient for the Elimination Test, and choosing one contestant to give immunity to. Targeting Krissi, whom she deemed as a threat (and whom she almost immediately had friction with), she chose the langoustine for the elimination test. She chose Savannah to have immunity. Her plan to trip up Krissi had no effect, much to her shock and annoyance.

Natasha was chosen by Jessie for the first team challenge. For being part of the winning team, she did not have to compete in the Pressure Test.


Natasha appears to show some arrogance, but she still is a strong cook in the show.



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